ISTANA Sketches (Singapore)


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Boy sitting at doorway
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Sarah, Istana
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Boy in the basket
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Boy in the basket
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Aiden in a red dress
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Pan player (Silver Stars)"SEKOU"red, blue and brown
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Tobago House (2017) (1)
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Tobago House (2017) (1)
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My paintings and artwork have been done over a period of 35 years. The mediums used are pencil, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, or Japanese brush pen, etc. The sizes vary from 4 inches to 6 feet.

From an early age, I have always thought of myself as an artist which is my passion.
My post-secondary education was focused on graphics and design which lead me into a career of corporate design and ultimately teaching.

My career has been the means to an end. The path I have chosen has always been to experience life first so that I could become the artist I always wanted to be. That journey has taken me close to 50 years – and I am sure will never end! In other words, my art is my life and vice versa!

I do not have a singular focus in my painting. My subjects vary depending on what I see and experience and my work is created through the most appropriate medium which I feel is necessary to express that particular painting or artwork.


One of my favorite subject is people.. Art is nothing without People… every piece of art that is created has a stronge connection to someone.. It is the drive we artist have insider us to get our message, vision or ideas out of us for someone to react or relate or understand. The connection between art and people has existed forever.. As a teacher I would often remind my students that it is all well and good that you want to do a painting but we must always consider that our objective should also be to consider the viewer., because the viewer is also looking at the work trying to understand the artist and or the artist point of view.

This section is divided into 4 categories:
The first category is PORTRAITS: I have included samples of the portraits i have done over the years from as early as 1976 to today. I use several different styles and varying amount of details depending on what i want to focus on

The second category is SELF PORTRAITS (i two eye )
The initial concept of the self portraits originated several years ago during a particularly vigorous and challenging period of my life and career. I wanted to capture a 'snapshot' of myself, through my own eyes. During this time, for five minutes each morning and evening, I looked into a mirror and then sketched a portrait of what I had seen.

What started out as a routine exercise to capture my appearance, moods, and emotions gradually developed into being a part of my life. At times I could hardly recognize the image looking back at me.

We are on a perpetual journey of learning more about ourselves and there are always many facets yet to be discovered. I hope that as you look at these portraits, you will see 'i 2 eye' and may even perceive me in ways that are different to the way I see myself.

Today I have more than 7,000 of them. Some of the mediums I have used are lead pencils, colored pencils, oil and water based pastels, crayons, markers, ink, watercolour, oils, acrylic, tape and paper.

The third category is PEOPLE WORKING:
This section i will add the paintings of people who are doing various professions or jobs, dancers, Venders and individuals like the crad man etc.

The fourth category is PEOPLE PLAYING PAN
My Father loved Carnival. I remember as a child being awakened in the wee hours to head downtown just to watch the j’ouvert bands pass by. However, my friend Jimmy introduced me to the real love of the sound of pan. He allowed me to tag along with him to the pan yards and the panorama finals. Although he was an “All Stars” man, I am just a regular “pan girl”. I enjoy the sounds of the sweet pan no matter who is playing in the finals.
By choosing to paint the Pan players, my love for the sound of pan has driven me to seek out individuals with unique styles and rhythms and to capture these elements through my sketches and paintings.
During 2015, I spent much time at the Phase II and Silver Stars pan yards, observing and sketching pan men and women and how they express their rhythms through their body movements. I have learned from the players as well as those listening that pan is not just about the sound, but rather about the movement of each player as he or she projects what is in their heart from the rubber to the metal. This beat runs through their body into every single muscle and their facial expression will tell you an entire story. I have continue my study of observing the pan players who are members of this elite group as they encourage me to portrait their music on canvas with each stroke of my brush I feel the movement of their Rythm.


There are four main categories in PLACES:

The first calegory is ASIA: I first went to Asia in 1995 and ended up living and working as a teacher in Singapore .Prior to me living and working in Singapore I embarked on a 15 month backpacking trip acrooss Asia. Which took me through Japan, China, Hong Kong, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Loas and Indonesia. Then after the trip I returned to live and work in Singapore. I was able to travel and sketch when my job allowed me during the 18 years i live in Singapore. Asia and its people are still near and dear to my heart.. Funny though it was my growing up in Trindad that my interest in Asian culture was born.

The second category is NORTH AMERICA.
I moved to Canada in 1976 after my father passed away.
No question my love for Canada runs deep inside me.. My life wasnt easy after my father passed away and i moved to Canada, but it took a new different direction and one that has continued to shape my career and life… So i continue to record my experiences there .

The third category is THE CARIBBEAN:
Born in Trinidad in 1960 and again after many years back living and painting here.
My very early painting i did of the houses and scenery of trinidad have not been recorded .. so the work that i will do is more recent… But i may have done over 500 old houses from the islands .. maybe some day I will see one or two in someone house.

The fourth category OTHER:
Australia is included


There are 7 categories here:
I have broken down some of my work into these extra categories

The first category DESIGN
The second category BLACK AND WHITE
The third category PENCIL
The fourth categoryPAINTING
The fifth category LONG SKETCHES
The six category PHOTOS
The seventh category FLOWERS

PHOTOS: My interest and work in photography peaked during my travels and at times in my career when I was too busy to sketch and paint, but still wanted to capture images of what I was seeing and experiencing.

LONG SKETCHES: In 2006 I started experimenting with long sketches completed outdoors. My first sketch was done in Margaret River, Perth Australia. I have since done several more in Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and Japan. They need to be completed in one session as the conditions such as weather and lighting will never be the same at another time. Sometimes I sit in one spot and turn 360 degrees; sometimes I sketch while walking in a straight line and sometimes I move around to several locations to complete a single sketch. Some of the conditions endured to complete these sketches have included a temperature of 44C (Perth, Australia) to -4C (Japan). I continue to sketch as the rain falls and the crowds come and go and block my view. Sometimes the wind does pose a challenge as my paper blows up and down but I do my best to complete the piece started no matter what! And that can also explain the crooked lines. I have completed over 30 sketches using a Japanese brush pen without using a pencil for preliminary sketching. The longest one is 21cm x 300cm.

ISTANA Sketches (Singapore)

The Istana, built in 1896, is the official residence of the President of Singapore where state guests are received and entertained. .

In July 2008 I was commissioned by SR Nathan, the President of Singapore, to create a book of sketches portraying the Singapore Open House National Day. In preparation over a period of time, I had made several visits to the Istana where I sketched the buildings and gardens. Several long sketches were completed and on August 3, 2008 I returned to the Istana on National Day to observe and sketch the people in attendance . I then incorporated the sketches of the people from that day into the previous sketches of the grounds. That series of sketches was published into a book called “ A Day at the Istana”. In this section I have included some of the sketches done in 2008, 2009, 2010.

From 2007 to august 2008 I was able to frequent the Istana grounds to prepare for the actual day, 1st August2008. During this time I would wonder around the gardens sketching and enjoying every moment of being there. Some of the sketches were also done at the earlier open houses. I filled a total of 10 sketch books which included Portraits of people working at the Istana or even visiting the Istana. I also did 4 long sketch books of the grounds and buildings. All of these books were presented and are still are in the care of the Istana. These are a few of some of the rough sketches done .

There are 3 main categories in EXHIBITIONS:
The first category EARLIER EXHIBITIONS
The second category LAST EXHIBITION
The third category CURRENT EXHIBITION


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